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Tiếng Anh

Hello My name is Liana. I am from Armenia. I am a linguist of English language. I am a lecturer at Yerevan State University. I have got a Master's degree. I have more than 11 years of experience of teaching English language. I have also a certificate of ITEP International Test of English Proficiency. I am active, friendly and patient person. I love teaching kids and adults. Best regards Liana.

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Tiếng Avestan




Tiếng Iceland

I live in Iceland, I also lived in Denmark for 6 years so i have pretty good at danish, I get really good grades on my Icelandic, I would try to teach by making learning interesting and fun, help with the hard grammar and also recommend them to good sites to visit so they can learn a lot

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Tiếng Nga

I am a native Ukrainian speaker with Ph.D. in Physics. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, and Spanish. I love helping people understand what language means or how it works. I am a certified English teacher. I am quite adaptable to your needs. My experience in teaching has shown me that every student is different so I do change my teaching style from one student to other. In general, I like providing tools and help that the student can use to improve his/her skills so when a doubt comes the student can reach the answer by his/her own instead of me saying the result with no thinking from the other part.



Tiếng Anh

Hello, I'm Florence Bray, and I am from Australia,I am a graduate in Information Technology, and have studied Mass Communications. I have been teaching as an ESL Tutor for over 3 years, and extremely enjoy it. My passion for teaching has grown more and more over the years. I am so appreciative to be given the chance to be able to teach students around the world my native language, in a creative and fun environment. I have strong initiative and exceptional organizational skills.I have a lot of experience in applying appropriate teaching and assessment methodologies, and i am well educated at preparing teaching material for students of all ages.



Tiếng Swahili

I am a detailed and thorough professional with 5 years of administrative experience- the last 5 years in academic writing and virtual office environment. I specialize in delivering quality services with respect to strict deadlines and high expectations. I am equipped with a dedicated home office complete with a computer, copier/scanner/fax and color printer. I provide creative and detailed administrative, web search, academic writing, data entry, Personal assistant, Content writing, Translation, Academic writing, editing and proofreading services. I excel at working under tight deadlines with strict expectations. I possess the self-discipline and time management skills necessary to have served as an academic writer for the past seven years. I can bring value to your business and help solve your administrative assistant issues. I have extensive experience in marketing and small business management.



Tiếng Uđu

I am unaiza naseer from lahore Pakistan. I have done my masters in English,punjabi and urdu languages and working as a language trainer in lahore Pakistan. My experience is 10 years in this field. I will do my best efforts for u. I will teach u through av aids. And I am well prepared for my lessons.



Tiếng Anh

Hi Good Day! I am Teacher Love Lynn and I am from the Philippines! I highly believe that we all have our knowledge individually, and as a teacher I want to be of great help in developing what you have as a person. Lets make the best version of yourself. :



Tiếng Nam Phi

Hello, I'm Renier. I am a final year (2018) language student at the University of Pretoria with my major in English and French. I also finished my first year in Northern Sotho and Latin, I did one semester of Medical terminology and one semester in Dutch. Furthermore, I did one year of Criminology at the University. My home language is Afrikaans. I am fairly new to teaching, but my approach is that the learner must be encouraged to speak, read and write as much as possible in order to practice the language, and I as the teacher, should then correct mistakes and suggest ways in which the student can improve their language capabilities. I believe the best way to create a positive learning experience for students is to apply language skills to subjects in which students have some form of interest so that curiosity drives them to study even outside of the classroom and live the language. As a teacher, I provide the language framework for the students to build upon. If the students have quarries they ask me and I help them. Being an avid reader, I encourage my students to read as much as possible, as this is not only one of the best ways to learn new vocabulary but also opens up new worlds of knowledge and enjoyment. I also love writing. I also edited ‘Let’s Explore Plants’ and am currently the editor for the ‘Gardenia’ children’s book series and I am currently translating said books into Afrikaans.



Tiếng Ba Tư

i am 7 class