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Tiếng Anh

I am a qualified teacher with lots of experience helping students of all ages to achieve their potential. My teaching style is very fun and interactive and personalised to your learning needs.

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Tiếng Đan Mạch

Jeg er 22 år og studere Eksport og Teknologi på Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. Jeg har længe haft interesse for matematik og spansk, hvilket også førte til mit valg af uddannelse. Jeg har afsluttet STX i Roskilde

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Tiếng Anh

Hello! My name is gani and i am an Enthusiastic. Effective. Passionate. English language teacher with a proven record of helping students’ progress, providing positive learning experiences as well as building and maintaining effective behaviour management systems. I enjoy sharing knowledge, inspiring both children and adults. Experienced with pupils who have special needs. I have been teaching english for ten years. I have a bachelor degree in english language and also a TESOL/TEFL diploma.



Tiếng Anh

Hello! I'm Emily. I was born and raised in Canada where I still live with my husband and four children. I am a nurse, and have worked as a nurse for the last ten years. I also have a degree in Marriage and Family Studies, and University Certificates in TESOL and Home and Family. I love to travel, read good books, bake, and have adventures with my family. I am a very calm person, and friendly with my students. Besides TESOL I have taught healthcare aides their practicum courses, and have taught Sunday School in my church to all ages.



Tiếng Swahili

For introduction, my name is bilal Gaya from Kenya,Mombasa town.I was born in Mombasa town and i learned this language since i was born then continued with this Language from,primary level to secondary level upto the advance level.Generally im a native speaker of Swahili Language.I have been teaching primary school kids for the the last six years.My style of teaching has been in classrooms of about 10 to 20 children.through texbooks i.e basic grammer.vocabulary and essays,dialogue(conversation).Feel free to try me and you will will be a perfect Swahili speaker.Karibuni.welcome.



Tiếng Yoruba

Am Fajingbesi Roid Olaowuye, an undergraduate in federal university otuoke,in bayelsa state Nigeria. before ganning admission into the university, I have tutor Yoruba language for a year,.apart from Yoruba is my mother tongue.Am a citizen of Nigeria. Teaching people is my hubby, because if we don't teach what we learn or know we will probably die with it someday. I can teach Yoruba perfectly.i think i can handle your request.



Tiếng Yoruba

I am an entrepreneur who hails from Nigeria.. i love my language



Tiếng Anh

A teaching professional with 6 years experience. Specializing in Exam teaching Cambridge, Trinity, IELTS and Business English. I studied both English and Education at University, and have followed that up with my CELTA, and am currently working on my DELTA. I speak at local teaching conferences on various subjects. In addition, I am an official speaking examiner and can help you with specific exam preparation. Also, if you need help with presentation skills for work just let me know.



Tiếng Amharic

Hello guys ,my name is selina,i am from Ethiopia,here in Ethiopia Amharic is our official language, of course any foreigner can contact any office using English or any other languages but its good to learn local languages to know the culture and create intimation with the society, Amharic is my first language and i have experience teaching this language peoples online so would love to teach you to know Amharic language very well. so let me know if you are interested to learn. my email address is selamgashaw30@gmail.com or contact me over phone +251928409238.



Tiếng Anh

Hello there! Im Jenai from the Philippines!I am a graduate of Consumer Electronics Servicing. This is a two-year course. If you ask me, I dont know why I chose that course. I have no interest in electronics BUT I HAVE A PASSION FOR THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!I love studying English and at the same time, I love sharing my knowledge in English.I also have a passion for helping people. That means, if you choose me to be your teacher, I will not stop helping you until you reach your goal.